Tommi Forsström

Growth Stage Product Executive.

I help companies turn from startup to scaleup—ie. navigate the change that starts from product-market fit.

Formerly, I've been VP of Product at Teachable, CPO-in-Residence at Insight Partners and VP of Product at Shutterstock, among other things.

I started out as a developer 20 years ago. Since then, my professional journey has had many twists and turns. You can read more about all that good stuff in my CV and LinkedIn.

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Career Highlights


VP of Product

As a member of Teachable's executive team and the leader of its Product department (Product Management, Product Design, Technology Operations, and Product Marketing), I was partially responsible for scaling Teachable's revenue 4x in 2.5 years, growing headcount from 100 to 250, building the Product organization from 6 people to almost 40, defining the principles by which the company develops products, and converting it from a colocated company to a distributed one.

Insight Partners


Internal product leadership consultant to Insight's portfolio of 150 growth stage companies. Engagements ranging from small scale coaching for CEO/CPO/CTOs in the portfolio to multi-month consulting engagements consisting of staffing / onboarding CPOs, assessing Product organizations, acting as interim CPO, creating strategy etc.


Vice President, Product Management, Music, Video & API

As product lead of Shutterstock's Music and Video business unit, I was responsible for a revenue stream of over $100MM annually and growing faster than any aspect of the company. This role also entailed building a completely new wing to Shutterstock's Product and Engineering team in the newly opened Montreal office, including it's processes, culture and practices.

On the API side, my responsibility was to transform a promising string of successful one-off deals into a proper product strategy to enable the company to build yet another $100M+ pillar to evolve its business to stay one step ahead of the stock asset market.